RADD CrossFit


After moving into a new space the owners needed a new look.  The three stripes on the logo represents the three owners of the CrossFit box.  They wanted simple designs that can be juxtaposed onto different media such as clothing, stationaries and promotional materials (flyers, water bottles, mugs, etc.)


NJPSA Anti-Bullying Campaign

New Jersey Principals and Supervisors Association

The posters were used by the New Jersey Principals and Supervisors Association for their campaign against bullying.  Bold colors were used to get the attention of the students as well as large headings.


Wedding Suite


This was a personal project for our wedding. The graphics were inspired by the pattern found on the bridesmaids dress.  It was matte thermo-printed on 130# Natural Card Stock.  The sleeves where made from wrapping paper from Paper Source.


Nassau County Museum of Art


Working with the education department at Nassau County Museum of Art, the flyer was created for teachers that were attending their workshop.  The flyer is double sided, one side would include an overview of the education department while the flip side contained information about their school programs.


Event Signage

s+m-1037 (2)

The wedding signs were first created on illustrator for ease of editing.  Then I transferred them onto chalkboard boards and used chalk paint.


Save the Dates


This was another personal project.  We wanted simple save the dates but wanted different patterns for the back.  The wrapping paper backs were from Paper Source.  The save the dates were also matte thermo printed on 130# natural card stock. *The Pirate paper were sent out to my friends*


ID Unique Solutions


A collaborative project between ID Unique Solutions and myself. The design was conceived by ID Unique Solution while I created the template on WordPress.  Utilizing WordPress as a CMS, the client is able to update the website easily.  To keep up with different devices, the website is responsive.